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What 2011 MLB Rookies Have Impressed In 2011? Let’s Take A Look

2011 MLB Rookie Review. Ackley, Freeman And Pineda

Dustin Ackley Hits 2-Run Homer Off Braves' Lefty Jonny Venters

With 81 games left of the 2011 Major League Baseball season, I figured it would be a good time to zone in on how well a few of the rookie ballplayers have done so far.

There have been a few surprise rookies as well as those that have not fared so well. But for now we will focus on the ones that have impressed.

the 2011 MLB rookie that has stood out the most in the first half of the season has been the Seattle Mariners’ big right-handed pitcher Michael Pineda.

Pineda has made 16 starts and has a 7-5 record. His ERA is an impressive 2.65 and he has recorded 99 strikeouts in 102 innings so far.

Michael Pineda Struggled Late In 5-4 Loss To The Atlanta Braves

But he has struggled a bit lately. He was pitching a masterful game against the Atlanta Braves the other night before he completely lost his command in the seventh inning. He walked the bases loaded and all three runners ended up scoring as the Braves won the game and ended up beating the Mariners 5-4.

Don’t let Pineda’s 7-5 record fool you because just like his pitching teammate Felix Hernandez, he pretty much receives no run support. The Mariners’ offense is absolutely abysmal. Micheal Pineda could and should easily have 10 wins right now at the halfway point of the season. But overall the big kid has been quite impressive in his rookie campaign.

Another rookie that has raised some eyebrows through the first half of the 2011 baseball season has been the Washington Nationals’ second baseman Danny Espinosa. The Nats’ rookie has played in all 81 games and has a surprising 15 home runs and 48 RBI. His batting average doesn’t stand out as he is only hitting .238, but he is producing for his young Washington team.

Kansas City Royals’ first baseman Eric Hosmer didn’t get called up to the big club until May 6th, so he has only played 48 games in his young career. Hosmer is expected to hit for power for the young Royals and he did that when he was first called up. But the youngster has struggled some as the Major League pitchers have now adjusted to Hosmer. He will have to make his own adjustments as well. Eric Hosmer’s numbers aren’t too bad considering the short time he has played. Through the 48 games, he has 5 homers, 27 RBI and a batting average of .268.

The Seattle Mariners’ rookie second baseman Dustin Ackley didn’t get called up until a few weeks ago as he made his Major League debut on June 17, 2011. He went 1-4 in his first game and he looks really good at the plate. He takes pitches and rarely strikes out. At this point it is hard to gauge Ackley’s rookie season, but he has played in 12 games for the Mariners and has 2 homers, 6 RBI and a batting average of exactly .300.

Ackley looked like a seasoned veteran in one of his at bats yesterday. The Mariners were playing Atlanta in an inter league game and the Braves had their flame throwing reliever Jonny Venters on the mound. Ackley, who bats left handed, took the lefty pitcher deep for a 2-run home run. It was the first homer that Jonny Venters has allowed in the 51 innings he has pitched this season. Quite impressive by Dustin Ackley! Ackley, The Mariners #2 pick of the 2009 MLB Draft right behind Stephen Strasburg, looks like he is going to a good one!

Freddie Freeman Hits A 2-Run Single Off King Felix Hernandez

Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves was the talk of baseball coming out of spring training 2011. The big rookie first baseman made the club and has had a solid first half in his first campaign. Through 78 games so far in 2011, Freddie Freeman has hit 9 homers, 18 doubles and has 34 RBI. He is also hitting a respectable .272.

Yesterday may have been Freeman’s biggest highlight of his young career so far. As mentioned above, the Atlanta Braves played the Seattle Mariners yesterday at Safeco Field. The Braves had the dubious honor of facing the 2010 American League Cy Young award winner Felix Hernandez.

But Freddie Freeman didn’t care! The youngster went 3-4 off King Felix, including a 2-run single in the fifth inning that put the Braves up 4-0 and they would eventually win the game 5-3 and sweep the Mariners in Seattle. Freeman could be the next big super star in Major League Baseball! And he is still only 21 years old!

Freddie Freeman Homers As Braves Beat The Mariners 3-1

Freddie Freeman Goes Deep Off Mariners’ Eric Bedard

Freddie Freeman Crushes A 2-Run Homer Off Erik Bedard As Braves Beat The Mariners 3-1

I was watching the Seattle Mariners play the Atlanta Braves at Safeco Field last night on TV.

Not exactly a stellar match up because these two teams have had their struggles in scoring runs this year, especially the Mariners who are complete garbage on offense.

I mainly watched this match up because of some good rookies playing in the game. For the Braves, they have youngsters Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward (second year), a couple of great looking future stars.

And the Mariners have another good looking rookie in Dustin Ackley. Ackley was just called up to the big leagues on June 17th, so he is completely wet behind the ears. But what I’ve seen of Dustin Ackley so far I like! He is well disciplined at the plate, something his Mariners’ teammates should look into, and he has a quick, compact swing. He is gonna be a good one I believe!

Freddie Freeman Hit His 9th Homer In Atlanta's 3-1 Win Over Seattle

Now to this Braves-Mariners game last night. It was a real yawner, like most Mariners games at Safeco. With the score tied 1-1 in the seventh inning, the Braves had a runner on first against Erik Bedard and Freddie Freeman coming up to bat. Bedard tried to sneak a fastball by Freeman. Big mistake! Freeman smashed the ball to dead center field as Mariners outfielder Franklin Gutierrez raced back but ran out of room.

The ball cleared the center field fence by plenty. I watch a lot of Mariners games and players don’t hit home runs to dead center hardly at all. Safeco Field is a pitchers ballpark and you really have to get a hold of one to hit it out in that area.

Freeman’s 9th home run of the season gave pitcher Brandon Beachy and the Atlanta Braves a 3-1 lead which they never surrendered. They go on and beat the hapless Mariners by that same score, 3-1.

This was my first chance to see Freddie Freeman up close and he looks like he will be a good one as well. He has raw power and can pick it at first base. Braves fans should be excited to have Freeman and Heyward for many years to come.

Are The Seattle Mariners A Cursed Baseball Team? Seriously!

Are The Seattle Mariners A Cursed Baseball Team Or What!?

Asdrubal Cabrera And Shin Soo Choo Are Now Budding Superstars In Cleveland

The Seattle Mariners have not been to the playoffs in 10 years and counting. Former  GM Bill Bavasi was a complete bust as he gave away some of the Mariners best young talent.

For example, in 2007 he traded a young shortstop named Asdrubal Cabrera to the Cleveland Indians for an aging and not-very-good Eduardo Perez. Then, the “no clue” Bavasi gave away a great looking young Korean player named Shin Soo Choo to the Clevelan Indians..again! What did
the Mariners get in return for Choo? Ben Broussard! a complete bust!

What was up with Bavasi giving away players to the lowly Cleveland Indians? Did Cleveland GM  Mark Shapiro know about a dark secret that bill Bavasi was hiding? It sure looked that way.

Now let’s fast forward if we dare! Eduardo Perez did NOTHING for the Mariners and is now out of baseball. Up until a few weeks ago, Perez was an analyst on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. I believe now he is the hitting coach for the Florida Marlins. What a joke!

And whatever happened to good old Ben Broussard? Well, turns out, he is a better guitar player than a baseball player. He too is out of baseball and he also didn’t do squat for the Seattle Mariners. Thanks Bill Bavasi, you

And what ever happened to the two young stars that Bavasi handed over to Cleveland? Well, Cabrera is a future all-star now and is a highlight machine all over ESPN now and Choo had a nice year in 2010. He is struggling a bit in 2011 but still a  really good hitter.

Now on to the current Seattle Mariners situation. No more bill Bavasi! Good, right? Well, yes and no. The Mariners do have a new GM in Jack Zduriencik who looks like a rocket scientist compared to bonehead Bavasi. But, there is one player that is making Zduriencik’s GM life a living hell right now and his name is Chone Figgins.

Zduriencik and the Mariners signed this bust player to a four year contract worth $36 Million Dollars. And what do the Mariners get in return? In 2010, Chone Figgins hit a measly .259. Remember, Figgins was a near .300 hitter in his time with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, or whatever they call themselves now. That’s what Zduriencik and the M’s were counting on and that’s why they paid him a ton of cash. Because he was a .300 hitter that got on base a lot.

Now let’s fast forward to the 2011 baseball season. Folks, Chone Figgins may be the worst player in Major League baseball right now! He is hitting a microscopic .193 through 63 games and is whiffing so much at the plate that he is providing air conditioning for the fans at Safeco Field. He is NOT getting on base and he hits the weakest little ground balls that you will ever see.

It has gotten so bad for Chone Figgins in Seattle that the Safeco field faithful are booing him every time he makes an out. And that is a lot of booing so far! In fact, Mariners fans have created a “Get rid of Chone Figgins” thread on the ESPN message boards, which you can take a peak at here! Figgins can’t hit, he can’t field! A total BUST in every sense! Awful! This bum is completely worthless!!! And the worst part is that the Mariners and their fans are stuck with this loser for another two and a half seasons.

Meanwhile, lets look at a few other “former” Mariners and see how they are doing now. Last season (2010), the M’s had a first baseman named Casey Kotchman. Kotchman had no clue at what to do at the plate. In 125 games, Kotchman batted a putrid .217 for the Mariners. Now, 2011, kotchman is playing for the Tampa Bay Rays and guess what?! He is batting .339 through 59 games. A miracle. He gets out f Seattle and he starts to hit again!! amazing!

Let’s take a look at another former Mariner, Adrian Beltre. Now, I won’t completely bash him because he did have some “good” years in Seattle
and played great defense at third base. But, in my opinion as well as others, Beltre never lived up to the money he was paid in his Seattle Mariners career. In Beltre’s last season with the M’s in 2009, he hit .265 and only hit 8 homers with 44 RBI. So, the Mariners decided to let Beltre go and test the free agent market. He ends up signing a one year deal with the Boston Red Sox. And what does Adrian Beltre do in his one year as the Red Sox third baseman?

In 2010, Adrian Beltre goes out and hits .321 with 28 homers and 102 RBI. He also lead the American League in doubles with 49. Now I know that Fenway Park is a hitters park compared to safeco Field, but come on, where was that bat when Beltre was in Seattle? He is now playing in Texas with the Rangers and is having another solid season in 2011. Through 75 games, Beltre is batting .262 which isn’t great, but he has 12 homers and 58 RBI. His 12 homers so far this season is more than he hit as a Mariner in the entire 2009 season. Thanks Beltre!

I swear the Seattle Mariners are a cursed ballclub. The end!