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The New England Patriots Give Their Version Of Hard Knocks To The New York Jets 45-3

Patriots Pound The Jets On Monday Night Football

Mark Sanchez had a Horrible Game Last Night As His Team Gets Killed 45-3

This was the game that football fans everywhere were talking about. The New York Jets going into Foxboro and battling their rival New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. That’s what was suppose to happen anyway. We were anticipating a rugged, hard fought game between the two AFC East power houses. Never happened!

This game was literally over before it started as Tom Brady and the Patriots picked apart the New York Jets, who have one of the best defenses in all of the NFL. It was hard to believe, but the score of this game was 24-3…at half time!!!

The Look On Rex Ryan's Face Says It All As His Jets Get Demolished 45-3

For the last two weeks the Jets coach Rex Ryan was on television doing interviews and pumping up his team. All the while, you never heard a word from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Why? Because that’s how the Pats roll. They let their play on the field be speak for itself. And it worked as the Patriots completely whipped the Jets by a final score of 45-3.

The New England Patriots young defense stepped up big time and made the Jets second year quarterback Mark Sanchez look bad. Sanchez was coming in to this game with a lot of confidence and was growing as a solid NFL QB. He wasn’t making stupid mistakes and throwing silly interceptions. But last night’s game was different. The Patriots forced Sanchez in to throwing three crucial interceptions. Mark Sanchez finished the game with only 164 yards passing, with no touchdowns and three interceptions. A game the young man will want to forget.

Meanwhile, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady finished the game with 326 yards passing, with four touchdowns and zero interceptions. Brady has so many weapons and he uses them all. His four touchdown passes were to four different receivers. Tom Brady Threw TD passes to Deion Branch, Wes Welker, Brandon Tate and Aaron Hernandez. That made it tough on the Jets because they couldn’t just zone in on one reciver to defend. As soon as they would cover Branch, Brady simply would just drop the ball off to Wes Welker or Danny Woodhead. Woodhead didn’t catch a TD pass but he had some huge runs after receiving the ball. Woodhead, the youngest player in the NFL, ended up with a team leading 104 receiving yards, including a fifty yard run after the catch that really stuck a fork in the Jets for the night.

Simply put, the New England Patriots put on a clinic out there last night as they hammered the New York Jets. But, that being said, it is only one game and I expect the Jets to rebound against the Miami Dolphins, another one of their AFC East rivals, next week. Meanwhile the Patriots will go out of their division to play the Chicago Bears. All I can say is “Look out Chicago!.”

With last night’s beating of the New York Jets, the Patriots are now 10-2 for the season. The Jets fall to 9-3 and are now a game
back from the AFC East leading New England Patriots. An absolutely dominating performance last night by the Pats. right now, they
may be the team to beat and could win it all again this year.

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The NFC West Sucks So Bad

49ers Beat The Cardinals on MNF 27-6

Arizona Cardinals Fan Supporting His Team

Last night’s San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals match up was the most boring football game I have watched in some time, and I’m a 49ers fan too. You might be asking yourself Why would ESPN put two bad teams like the Cardinals and 49ers on Monday Night Football? well, the answer is simple. These games are scheduled months in advance and back when ESPN scheduled these two teams, the Cardinals still had quarterback Kurt Warner and the 49ers were playing well at the end of 2009.

The NFC west gets a bad rap and rightly so. Last night’s debacle was just an example of how bad this weak division really is. No team in the West is over .500. The Seahawks and Rams lead the division with mediocre 5-6 records. The 49ers were supposed to be the best team in the west going into 2010 but that has not worked out as quarterback Alex Smith was his usual awful self. Backup Troy Smith has played well at times for the Niners but he is still learning on the job, so to speak.

To be fair, the Seattle Seahawks have had a ton of injuries in 2010 and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is playing with a cast on his  non-throwing left hand. Wide receiver Mike Williams has been a pleasant surprise for Seattle but he too is out with a foot injury and did not play in last sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs whipped the Seahawks behind the great combo of Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe.

Arizona Cardinals QB Derek Anderson

And last night’s Cardinals-49ers game was no better. Arizona may be the worst team in the NFL. They lost a lot of great players in the off season and they are paying for it now. Quarterback Kurt Warner retired, wide receiver Anquan Boldin signed with the Baltimore Ravens and Karlos Dansby is now in Miami playing for the Dolphins. But obviously the big loss was Warner. Derek Anderson has not been the answer so far for Arizona and he was simply awful in last night’s game.

After the game, Derek Anderson held a news conference that didn’t go so well. During the game, with the Cardinals down by 18 points, the camera caught Anderson smiling and laughing on the sidelines. This did not go over well with Arizona fans and an Arizona Republic reporter asked Anderson about  that. Derek Anderson went off on a tirade and walked out of the room. The NFC West. You gotta love it.

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Watch The Andre Johnson-Cortland Finnegan Fight Video Here

Andre Johnson And Cortland Finnegan Get Into Fight In Texans 20-0 Win

Andre Johnson And Cortland Finnegan Fight It Out

The Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans yesterday by a score of 20-0 but that wasn’t the  biggest story of this game.

The big moment was in the fourth quarter. That is when Texans Wide receiver Andre Johnson and Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan got into a huge fight (see video below). Johnson started swinging at the much smaller Finnegan as both players tore each others helmets off.

Cortland Finnegan Goes Down For The Count Against Andre Johnson

I will say one thing and that is Finnegan has a lot of guts because Johnson out weighs him by about forty pounds and is much taller. Finnegan and Andre Johnson have a history of going at each other. Back in September 2009 they got into it, but not to the extent as they did yesterday.

The Finnegan-Johnson fight reminded me of two hockey players going at it on the ice. After the game,
Andre Johnson talked about his fight with Cortland Finnegan. “He kept doing little things and I told him: ‘Just because you’re frustrated, you need to stop what you’re doing,” Johnson said. “I guess he thought it was funny.”

“It’s just a buildup of things over plays,” Johnson said. “I just lost my cool.” Titans coach Jeff Fisher
also spoke after the game. “It’s not good for the game, no,” said Fisher, co-chairman of the NFL’s competition committee. “You don’t want to see that stuff.”

Cortland Finnegan was definitely the instigator of the fight as you can see him taking shots at Andre Johnson’s face mask and neck as they were lined up at the line of scrimmage.

“I wish that I could take back what happened, but I can’t,” Andre Johnson said. “I’m pretty sure I’ll be disciplined for it.” Houston Texans owner also chimed in about the fight by saying “I awarded it to Andre on points.”

The game itself was never in doubt for the Texans as they shut out the Titans. Tennessee was playing their first game without their number one quarterback Vince Young, who is out for the season after having thumb surgery. Instead they had some guy named Rusty Smith. And he sure played like he was “Rusty.” The Titans backup QB passed for 138 yards and threw three interceptions.

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub passed for 178 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Andre Johnson didn’t have a huge game but he did catch a touchdown pass on 56 receiving yards. Houston running back Arian Foster had a nice game as he rushes for 143 yards. The Texans go to 5-6 on the season and the Titans fall to 5-6.

You can view the video of the Andre Johnson Cortland Finnegan fight below.