2010 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward Rookie Card

Jason Heyward 2010 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card #190

At this time last year (Spring Training 2010), the baseball world was at a buzz about a talented young kid with the Atlanta Braves named Jason Heyward.

We were all waiting for the decision of then Braves manager Bobby Cox on whether he would bring Heyward to Atlanta with the team after spring training or send him to the Minors for some more seasoning. Well,  as it turned out, Bobby Cox did bring Heyward with him and his Braves for the 2010 baseball season. And as it turns out, Cox made the right decision!

Jason Heyward had a solid rookie campaign of 2010 as he ended up hitting 18 home runs with 72 RBI and he did it in only 142 games. He also had a respectable batting average of .277 in 2010. Not bad for a 21 year old kid getting his first taste of big league baseball. Had it not been for a young catcher in San Francisco named Buster Posey, Jason Heyward would most likely have won the rookie of the year award.

As the 2010 got under way, Jason Heyward made an immediate impact as he homered in his first Major League at bat off of the Chicago Cubs Carlos Zambrano (See Video Below).

2010 Bowman Chrome #190 Jason Heyward Rookie Card

And all this buzz did not go unnoticed in the baseball card market either. Card collectors everywhere were clamoring to get their hands on Jason Heyward rookie cards from the 2007 Bowman Draft set as well as 2008 Bowman Chrome. Jason Heyward rookie cards were absolutely on fire during the first half of the 2010 baseball
season. Over at the Blowoutcards forum, collectors there were actually posting about every Heyward game and at bats. It was crazy excitement!

Later in the year, 2010 Bowman Chrome hit the market and collectors were after the Jason Heyward 2010 Bowman Chrome card #190 as well (Pictured in this post).

Now that the dust has settled a little bit and collectors ready themselves for the 2011 baseball season, look for Heyward to have another solid year, and if he does, look for his cards to catch fire yet again. You better get on board now because you may end up paying through the nose if you don’t. Jason Heyward appears to be the “Real-Deal”.