Bad Memories For This 49ers’ Fans

Newspaper From April 24, 2005 Reads 49ers Sold On Smith. Rodgers Stock Plummets

Now that the NFL lockout is over and the 2011 NFL season is set to start in about a month from now, gridiron fans across the country are getting riled up and ready for some football!!

As a life-long 49ers’ fan myself from Fairfield, California, I have to say I’m getting excited about the upcoming 2011 campaign….sort of. I say “sort of” because the bad news for us 49ers’ fans is that it looks like Alex Smith is still our quarterback.

Alex Smith Gets Yelled At By Former 49ers' Coach Mike Singletary

Could this FINALLY be the year that Smith turns into a solid NFL QB? Or will we be disappointed Niner fans yet again? Will Alex Smith EVER live up to being the number one pick of the 2005 NFL draft? We shall see, but most likely not. I would love to come back to this article and eat my words if some way some how Alex Smith can have a solid season.

I am now living up here in Northern Idaho near Spokane, Washington, right in the middle of Seattle Seahawks country…ughh! So I have to get my Niners’ news from the internet and ESPN.

Let me tell you about something that happened to me this morning. I am in the middle of moving to the Portland, Oregon so I’m doing the dreaded cleaning out the garage thing. I’m going through some boxes and throwing stuff out, etc. Well, in one box, I noticed the sports section of our home town newspaper, the Lewiston Tribune, that I had saved and it was dated April 24, 2005.

Being curious, I open it up and looked at the headline, and what do I see? In bold headlines, the top of the newspaper reads “49ers sold on Smith”. And underneath the headline there is a caption that reads “San Francisco makes former Utah QB top pick in the draft; Rodgers’ stock plummets”. You can see the newspaper in the picture above this article.

Talk about a punch in the gut for this 49ers’ fan. Oh, how time tells everything. Aaron Rodgers, the local boy from Chico, California, could have a been a Niner! But, as it turned out that draft day, Rodgers ended up sitting and sitting, and waiting and waiting and he finally ended up getting selected by the Green Bay Packers with the 24th pick of the 2005 NFL draft.

As Smith Falters In San Francisco, Aaron Rodgers Has Reached Super Stardom And Super Bowl Championship

Now, here we are six years later and we are still waiting for Alex Smith to develop into an NFL quarterback. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers is coming off a Super Bowl win as Green Bay whipped the Steelers last February.

I don’t mean to make Niners’ fans sick, but let’s take a look at the career numbers for Alex Smith and compare them to Aaron Rodgers’ career stats.
Here we go:

Alex Smith’s career numbers entering the 2011 NFL season:

54 games played

9,399 passing yards

51 touchdown passes

53 interceptions thrown

Career quarterback ranking of 72.1

Aaron Rodgers career numbers entering the 2011 NFL season:

54 games played as well

12,723 passing yards

87 touchdown passes

32 interceptions thrown

Career quarterback ranking of 98.4

And remember, Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench as Brett Favre’s backup for the first three years of his career, 2005-07. Rodgers became the Packers’s starting QB in the 2008 NFL season as Favre got shipped to the New York Jets.

Now I know that hindsight is 20 20, and we really don’t know how Aaron Rodgers career would have gone if the Niners would have selected the young Cal QB back on that day. But, we do know one thing, Alex Smith has not been the answer. Us 49ers’ fans can only sit back and dream about what could have been.