Freddie Freeman Goes Deep Off Mariners’ Eric Bedard

Freddie Freeman Crushes A 2-Run Homer Off Erik Bedard As Braves Beat The Mariners 3-1

I was watching the Seattle Mariners play the Atlanta Braves at Safeco Field last night on TV.

Not exactly a stellar match up because these two teams have had their struggles in scoring runs this year, especially the Mariners who are complete garbage on offense.

I mainly watched this match up because of some good rookies playing in the game. For the Braves, they have youngsters Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward (second year), a couple of great looking future stars.

And the Mariners have another good looking rookie in Dustin Ackley. Ackley was just called up to the big leagues on June 17th, so he is completely wet behind the ears. But what I’ve seen of Dustin Ackley so far I like! He is well disciplined at the plate, something his Mariners’ teammates should look into, and he has a quick, compact swing. He is gonna be a good one I believe!

Freddie Freeman Hit His 9th Homer In Atlanta's 3-1 Win Over Seattle

Now to this Braves-Mariners game last night. It was a real yawner, like most Mariners games at Safeco. With the score tied 1-1 in the seventh inning, the Braves had a runner on first against Erik Bedard and Freddie Freeman coming up to bat. Bedard tried to sneak a fastball by Freeman. Big mistake! Freeman smashed the ball to dead center field as Mariners outfielder Franklin Gutierrez raced back but ran out of room.

The ball cleared the center field fence by plenty. I watch a lot of Mariners games and players don’t hit home runs to dead center hardly at all. Safeco Field is a pitchers ballpark and you really have to get a hold of one to hit it out in that area.

Freeman’s 9th home run of the season gave pitcher Brandon Beachy and the Atlanta Braves a 3-1 lead which they never surrendered. They go on and beat the hapless Mariners by that same score, 3-1.

This was my first chance to see Freddie Freeman up close and he looks like he will be a good one as well. He has raw power and can pick it at first base. Braves fans should be excited to have Freeman and Heyward for many years to come.